• How Many Days in Each Month

    Every time the month of March rolls around, I forget how many days there are in this month. And I keep forgetting until we get to October, because I always remember Halloween is on October 31. And I know December has 31 days because New Year's Eve.
  • Native American Hallmarks

    Native American hallmarks are not only key for honoring and recognizing an artist or silversmith who made a piece of Native American jewelry; they are also one of the ways to confirm that a piece is actually American Indian made. And confirming that provenance is more important than some people realize, as The Indian Arts & Crafts Act of 1990--a truth-in-advertising law--prohibits misrepresentation in marketing of Indian arts and crafts products within the United States.
  • Inspiration from Home

    Guest post by Daisy Ransom about how growing up in New Mexico has influenced her life across the miles. Photograph of Daisy's linocut skull prayer flag.
  • Thrill of the hunt: Picking with Joe

    I think my favorite part about selling vintage is finding it. And anyone who collects old, authentic Native American jewelry knows it's getting harder and harder to find. So imagine my delight when one Saturday morning while selling a few of my vintage mistakes at my folks' annual neighborhood garage sale, I met a man who would become my best kept secret source for authentic Old Pawn.
  • Can you fathom 70 years of marriage?

    I recently found this gorgeous wedding topper from 1944 (!!!) with soldier and bride, encased along with original corsage in lovely brass and glass case. The wedding topper got me thinking about my parents and their marriage. Dad had been out of the army--he's a WWII veteran--for two years when he and Mom tied the knot. They celebrated 70 years of marriage last month. It's hard to imagine being together that long, especially since most marriages have only about a 50% chance of lasting.
  • The power of pilgrimage

    I am at my parents' home, "sitting" with Dad. I say "sitting" because technically I am here to sit with him, the way you sit with a child or a dog. But there's not a word for this, not like babysitting or dog sitting. I suppose I could call it "dad sitting." He is 93 years old and has Parkinsons.

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