The lovechild of Frida, Diego, Georgia, and Mabel set in Taos, Santa Fe, and Old Mexico

This shop came about after a series of retreats in Ghost Ranch and Taos that broke open the artist in me. I called my works "doodles" and made them into jewelry and tee shirts that I began selling here in 2009.

The shop was starting to roll when Jim, a seriously fit and active mountain biker, became ill with major heart problems. He had three heart attacks in three years, resulting in open heart surgery. The shop went on the back burner while we got through this total life change. Now three years after the last surgery (he's well and out on the tractor as I write) I've reopened the shop, with a new vision--one that incorporates EVERYTHING we love...not just being an artist, but having an artist's eye and an artist's soul.

I've been collecting beautiful things all my life. Enchanted by this part of the world--Taos where Georgia and Mabel and others came in the 1930s--I too am drawn by the light and spirituality and culture of the place. The blend of Native Americans, Hispanics, adobe, old trucks, rustic and primitive yet so timeless and yes, even modern.

This is what I've known all my life. My father comes from the village of Costilla, near Taos, and moved to Taos as a teenager. My mother is from the wild Western town of Cimarron, New Mexico, where her father ran a ranch and rode a horse. People come here, to live and visit, precisely because of the unique beauty, a look and feel you'll find no where else in the world.

Our shop brings together the best of New and Old Mexico, honoring the past and the blend of indigenous and Spanish colonial. Some of my items were collected during trips to Mexico and the rest of Latin America. I've studied with several mentors, worked the International Folk Art Festival in Santa Fe when it was just starting, and now continue to find gems that speak to this unique aesthetic.

If I could have lived in a different era, it would be in the 1930s through the mid-century, with Frida and Diego, Georgia and Mabel. We are still among them, finding the treasures that take us back to them.

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